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29 July 14 - Cheap Photo Booth Hire Guide

 If you’re looking for Cheap Photo Booth Hire then you've found the right place. We're not here to sell you our Photo Booths, we just want to make sure that you're not being let down by poor quality & would love you to follow our guidelines on what to look for when booking a cheap booth to make sure you're not wasting money!

Why are we offering this free information? 

We know it takes alot of planning for any event & too many hours go into making it as perfect as can be. So, we're here to save the heart ache & the frustration because there's nothing worst than being let down by an entertainment company.

When looking for cheap photo booth hire we advise to be careful when it comes to saving the pennies for your special event! Everyone has heard of photo booths and knows exactly how much fun they are but, time and time again we are faced with the problem of pricing. Photo booths aren't exactly the cheapest entertainment you can have for your wedding, birthday or any other event. At OMG Entertainments we understand that you’ll want to shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal of the century when it comes to booking your evening entertainment.

This is where alarm bells ring for us & we would HATE for you to miss out on a great evening because of wasted money. There are a few factors to consider when finding these cheap booths & we’ve put together a guide of how to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money!

  1. Price isn’t Everything.

    We’ve hunted round and seen some photo booths that scream bad quality. Good Photo Booths usually take at least 40 minutes to set up & if you factor in time costs for a company, having a cheap booth will more than likely have them cutting corners when it comes to setting up a booth. The simple ‘selfie pod with a curtain’ booth is definitely one to avoid if you want to get them awesome group photos!


  2. Picture Quality

    Picture quality is always forgotten when looking for a booth. Now, you wouldn’t hire a photographer with a disposable camera for your wedding, would you? So don’t think about doing the same for them great evening pictures! This is becoming more popular with other companies trying to save a bit of money on their kit & still trying to compete with the bigger photo booth hire companies in the area. Make sure you’re looking for the DSLR or SLR cameras with HD lenses & auto focus. This is a must in every photo booth & probably the most important component for any booth.


  3. Printer Quality

    Keep an eye out for the printer quality. We’re in the 21st century so make sure the photo booth company has the highest spec printer available. If you’re cutting corners here then you could risk ruining your photos when you pick them up. There’s nothing worse than taking the best photo of the night & then putting a thumb print across the middle of the print out! At OMG, our printers are instant dry to ensure no photos are ruined throughout the evening! Always ask the question when booking a booth with ANY company!


  4. Props

    Props are what makes the photos & it would be a wise idea to make sure the prop box that comes with your photo booth is full to the top with a huge variety of props. We always see companies that have less than 30 props & the photos begin to look the same.


  5. Touch Screen TVs

    A less important factor to the booth is the TV, but none the less it’s still something to look out for! Most photo booths nowadays come with a screen so you can see how ridiculous you look. If you want user interaction then keep in mind that touch screens are becoming more popular & really change the feel of a photo booth so we’d say ‘the bigger, the better’


  6. Hunt for Discounts

    Ask for discounts or go to wedding fairs! If you’re looking to get a booth we’d say the best time to book is at least 6 months in advanced to secure your date! Don’t leave the booking until last minute trying to save yourself a few extra pennies on a last minute booking. Theres always a company that will allow a little extra discount on a booth if you ask! After all, theres a lot of competition out there! Wedding fairs are great to find companies that are offering a ‘book today incentive’ normally they’ll be offering a discount of £50 or an extra hour ect.. so if you’re looking to bag a bargain, a wedding fair shouldn’t go a miss!


  7. Green Screen VS One Curtain

    So we’re often asked the difference between the 2. We always receive the best feedback from our Green Screen photo Booths as they offer a ton of variety to any event. The ‘One curtain’ booths have become common place nowadays & pictures begin to look the same. We make sure we offer both options to all our customers to make sure you have the option. If you’re getting a green screen photo booth, they do have the option for a super imposed curtain which looks the same, if not better. Not only can you choose the colour of the curtain but you can also choose from 100s of other backgrounds. Almost a no-brainer when booking a photo booth! Make sure you’re getting the best option for you when booking with any photo booth hire company.


So, there are our 7 areas to look out for when booking a booth. Price, Picture quality, printer quality, props, TVs, discounts & background choice! If you're looking for a Photo booth for a cheap rate - take those key points into consideration. If you're looking for a Photo Booth for less than £350, that's probably exactly what you'll get - a cheap photo booth.

If you have any questions when booking a photo booth, we’d be more than happy to help you out so feel free to contact us on 07472742240 or email us at to make sure you're getting the best deal for your money.

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