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28 October 15 - Best Amount of People For A Photo Booth

Best amount of people to have in the booth?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6?!
Ok, so often we get asked ‘how many people can we fit in the booth?’ and we reply ‘you can have up to 6 people in the booth, if you don’t mind getting cosy and sitting on each other’s laps!’ However, just because 6 people can fit in doesn’t mean that they will create the best photos! Therefore, we created a table to allow you all to decide on which is the best number of people to have in the photo booth!
Here it is:

Number of people in the photo booth! Good points & Bad points
1 Good: A fabulous view of the background! Bad: A lonely looking booth-goer
2 Good: Enough room to easily change props in between photos! Bad: Too much space left to fill up
3 Good: The booth seat is perfectly filled with booth-goer bums! Bad: The drunk friend gets dubbed as ‘The Third Wheel’
4 Good: Two pairs can be made so there’s a booth-buddy for everyone! Bad: The booth seat begins to get a bit crammed!
5 Good: Everyone can cosy up for a cute, cuddly photo! Bad: One person will be left out.. a fifth wheel!
6 Good: The photo is filled up with loads of fabulous faces! Bad: It’s difficult to rotate the props for a different photo every time!

So all in all, we believe that there is no best or worst number of people to have in the photo booth! As long as the poses are on point, the photos will looks awesome no matter what!

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