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17 November 15 - Most Popular Photo Booth Props

The award for the most popular photo booth prop goes tooooo..

From funky hats and crazy glasses, to pirates swords and cowboy guns! Which prop is the most prop-ular?!

Our treasure chest of props provides all of our brave booth-goers with tonnes of fantastic choices. However, there is always one prop that is guaranteed to be used again and again throughout the event! This prop allows the wearer to be as silly as they want whilst staying completely anonymous! Oh dear!

When in the OMG! Photo booth, most of our guest’s biggest aim is to look as crazy and ridiculous as they can. Along with hundreds of fantastic backgrounds to choose from, our props help them to achieve this aim! We have a wide variety of props such as:
Colourful wigs
Different hats (colourful, cowboy, pirate and many more!)
Glasses (geek, flower power, goggles and more!)
Hand-held signs and emoji’s
Toy guns, toy swords, toy axes, toy bones & toy cigars
Masks (zombie, horse & Shrek)

However, out of all of these awesome props, the one that trumps the rest is…

This crazy mask provides countless giggles and priceless photo to everyone in and out of our photo booth!

So there you have it, our most popular photo booth prop is the horse mask! So if you book one of our photo booths, make sure you grab one of our infamous horse masks first! And remember, no horsing around in our booth!! ;D

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