Welcome to the new site!

As some of you may be aware, we have a new website! A massive thank you to Creed Marketing for creating the final touches of the site.

Its been a week of designing, coding and typing and it has finally paid off. We have a booking system for anyone that is wanting to book online. Keep an eye on this space as we will be integrating payment methods to secure your special date.

As you may know, a website is vital to creating a solid platform that ensures you’re a reliable and reputable company.

But how do you be a great company?

Great question! We find that is the customer service behind what you do that really makes a company the cream of the crop.

It doesn’t matter about SEO for photo booth hire companies, or awesome looking websites.

It’s simply the customer you work with and the clients that you pride yourself on.

We have worked with huge agencies such as Apple, Spotify and Deezer, because of the quality of our booths.

Marketing and SEO is obviously a vital part of ensuring your company is placed in the right places, however, we have worked with companies that offer top end marketing to ensure the results are provided.

Marketing a photo booth company is always beneficial because it allows the opportunity to forecast when you’re going to buy your next unit.

For example, we tend to schedule a unit around 6 months in advance so we’re able to effectively take bookings on a brand new unit before we have it.

This way, we can advertise the availability on the site.

The best part about it?

You find that a new booth will be rocking up to your event.

And a new booth or always better than an old one, right?

So, with a brand, correct marketing, awesome clients and high-end photo booths, you can really add the wow factor to your photo booth company.


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