What a busy month!

September has been absolutely manic! We’ve had hundreds of enquiries, a ton of bookings & met too many people! We’v attended a wedding fair almost every week & been at weddings, 21st, 18ths, Anniversaries & engagements more times than we can remember! But, we’ve loved every minute of it!

A massive highlight is the Heart wedding show, where we met over 3000 people. For those of you who didn’t get to see us at the heart show, we will be attending next year! We tried getting Arg & Lydia in our booth from the Only Way is Essex, but they had to grab a flight – better luck next time, eh? On a plus side, we did manage to get Martin Day in the booth & he even gave us a shout out on Heart FM!

More recently we attended the Park Inn Palace wedding show. We ended up speaking to about 4 brides all day & didn’t take a single booking! If that wasn’t bad enough, the show was upstairs! Meaning lugging our mighty big TV up 50 steps!

But, the day gets worst. We even got a parking ticket for filling out a form wrong. So, September as been eventful with its ups & downs.

We have met some interesting & great people this month.


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